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Friday, 1 October 2010

Dogs and Blogs

There are certain things one can't live without; oxygen, food, caffeine, that sort of thing - all imperative when it comes to survival. Of course there are also those things which don't seem neccessary, but actually, are. I'm recently learning that an office without dogs would be one such thing. Coda, Cornerstones's very own pet dog, will, now and again, sneak up on you and tug at your cardi while you're in the middle of a meeting, or lick your boots as you're composing an email to an aspiring author - this is something I'm learning to rather love. So much so that I'm wondering what an office pre-dog used to be like.
In the same way, I'm anticipating that keeping this blog, so as to inform the literary masses of writerly goings-on, will become to book/writing fiends, what Coda has become to me; loved and needed.
Signed off,

Part of the Cornerstones team, actually

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